Saturday, March 11, 2017

Utopian Turrets

Getting stuff to stick places...

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

Yes, the sub-title alludes to an old article When you're not sure what to stick where... that I wrote a while ago. It is a little outdated, but still a great starting point for discussion. Sometime soon I have to write an updated one. In the interim let's take a peek at the rather nice selection Utopia is promising us, both in turrets and in turret specials.


It looks like we will have a pretty damn good selection of turrets available to us this Raid. Additionally, most all of them seem to have a very attractive price tag. Many of the limited turrets were 6,000,000 points when they were offered in December. A quick look at each below.

Cataclysm Mortar - 4,000,000 - Still the best mortar available. This was available only in a campaign and has not percolated down to the FM as yet.

Coldsnap Rocket Turret - 2,000,000 - (Limit 1) - I'm not sure how effective this one is anymore with most Conqueror hulls having immunity to the Coldsnap effect. In addition, many use this as a front-line turret and the new D99-S may be an option.

Glacial Launcher Turret - 2,000,000 - (Limit 1) - At one time a must have turret. At this price it is a steal and it is still used in most bases.

Draconian Coaxial Turret - 2,000,000 - (Limit 1) - This is a fantastic price for a turret that we rarely see and that has a decent impact on the latest bane to bases- the Liberator.

Coaxial Turret - 1,000,000 - Meh. I dislike this turret. It does not do either job all that well. This may be the only turret in the group that gets a hearty 'PASS' vote from me.

Dead-Eye Ballista - 2,000,000 - (Limit 1) - Think of an Arbalest as a turret. It has some issues hitting a target since it is a dumb-fire turret, but, if placed properly it can be a rather big headache in a base.

Dead Eye Executioner - 2,000,000 - (Limit 1) - Still a staple in base defense, but with the addition of the SSKP Enhancement special and the lower salvo of the Executioner, the DEE is not as much of a powerhouse as it once was. Additionally, unlike it's cousin, the DEE is a limited blueprint with all that that entails.

Wendigo Turret - 2,000,000 - (Limit 1) - Still a turret I see in use on occasion. Not one I will use however because of the outrageous build time still associated with this turret. While not a 'PASS' vote, it does get a 'MEH' vote.

Frostbite Rocket Turret - 1,000,000 - The price here reflects the 'MEH' in my head. Good for the toolbox, but not one I would put at the top of the list.

Basilisk Turret - 1,000,000 - Still used in many bases, it can be a helpful addition to diversify the damages in your base.

*Executioner - 800,000 - This one is a steal. With the lower salvo, the availability of the SSKP Enhancement and level 8 turrets, this can be a painful turret for basers that come to visit. Given the cost, this is probably my top recommendation in the turret area for most players.

Draconian Scattergun Turret - 1,500,000 - (Limit 1) - Another limited turret that helps round out your damages in your base. And the price isn't bad either.

**Anti-Rocketeer Turret IV - 10,000,000 - (Limit 1) - I'll admit it. This is one I was lobbying for myself. We have not seen it since the TLC in which it was offered. It is also the most effective turret of the line against Launchpad Rockets. It is a bit pricey, but much like the ECM Destroyer, rarity comes with a price.

Turret Specials:

Most of these are great adds for the turrets that you may use in your base. I am very happy to see specials offered in conjunction with Turrets as in the past we usually only saw the Turrets offered.

Depleted Uranium Shells III - 1,000,000 - Still heavily used with Ballistic turrets.

EM Rails III - 1,000,000 - As with DUS3 a staple of ballistic builds.

Eruption Pyre - 1,000,000 - One of the key components used in the Angry Kitty build. A must-have for many mortar builds.

Hydroxide Coated Barrels - 1,000,000 - A multi-shot special for use with turrets like the Basilisk turret.

Zynthium Shells - 1,000,000 - As with the Eruption Pyre, another key components for mortar builds and another must-have for many mortar builds.

Frontline Platform Z-U - 1,000,000 - A defensive special to help protect your turret. Honestly, most players are leaning heavily on the offensive side of the line lately, but don't overlook the possibilities.

Cadmium Solar Panels - 1,000,000 - A great little special. This will add power to your overall base power but it also adds power to the turret itself allowing you to play with a few combinations that can be equipped that would otherwise not fit.

Smart Warheads - 1,000,000 - An interesting special. Primarily a missile special, it is also one that adds generic accuracy. Always good to have in the toolbox.

Fire Support Platform M - 1,000,000 - A special for missile turrets that is a good compromise when trying to cram a whole lot onto one turret. Currently in vogue for use with the Hyena.


And that is that, a quick and dirty look at the Turret side of the offerings coming up in Utopia. Good Luck pirates!!


  1. very informative, thank you for taking the time to put it together. This should be pinned on the TFC site.

  2. fire support platform boosts exposive turrets not missile turrets

    1. Fire support platform M is for penetrative, not explosive. You're thinking of FSP-X.

    2. so it is sorry misread the name

    3. No problem. It's always good to have other eyes checking!

  3. well done george thank you for all the time and efort

  4. what is SSKP enhancement for executioner?

    1. It was a turret special that was available in the Homeland TLC.

  5. thanks. very helpful to us little guys

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