Saturday, March 11, 2017

Orange! Orange for EVERYONE!!

A Needed Boon to the Game

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

A quick, quick, quick look over at the newest boon to the game that Kixeye implemented.

Last update brought a huge boon to the game in the form of the 200 Elite salvage. This makes getting to Orange a 10 minute proposition for a determined player. Given the need of Uranium and Titanium in the game now, this is a bit overdue and I am glad we have this implemented. This is just going to be a quick once-over on how to get your sector to Orange from Teal.

We already had the 100 Salvage to bump us to Yellow from Teal. The target is easily sniped for no damage with Apollos. The 100 Salvage targets will spawn around the DUBs.

The best way I've found is to equip your Apollo fleet with a lowly Salty Dog crew to bump the reload, and then enter at 9:00. Kite all the targets and get done. Three of these targets will get you from naught to Yellow. (Edit: Roy Wagari mentioned on the TFC page that he can kill these off with Cannoneers for no damage. Being a cheap and lazy pirate, I had to test and he is absolutely correct, fast, easy and pain free with my HCan/Can fleet. Thanks!!)

Once in Yellow, you want to find the 200 Salvages. You will find that these spawn around the Relay Towers.

Much like the 100 Salvages, these are snipeable as well with the proper fleet. I use my Hellwraiths for this target. For this target there are two options you can choose- both viable and pretty easy. 

The first, you can enter at about 3:00, send the g/b south and the subs north. Loop around and kill off the Mastadons first so that they can not remote target your subs. Once those are eliminated, kill off the rest at your leisure. The launchers on the V2-H do not hit underwater, nor do the cannons on the Battleships either.

The second is entering at about 1:00 with the g/b already dead and wait fot the V2's to circle through and snipe out the Mastadons. After that, it is the same as above. These targets give you 35,000 sector points so that three of these will get you to Orange.

Nice. Simple. And within our own control. A fantastic addition to the game empowering the players to have a hand in the pace of the chores they want/need to do. Enjoy!


  1. well i saw those and hitted 200 and we were own teal and 200 still spawn

  2. Yeah, I see the 200s even in Teal, and they are MUCH easier with a decoy, because the Mastodons go out of position, but the V2 returns to the patrol.

  3. I auto the 100 salvage with my hellwraith fleet, repair for free on the map. Hit 3 then go and drive foe the 200s as above no coin to repair and wha la in orange