Sunday, March 19, 2017

Gutting a 107 with 1 Ironclad

Gut Points?

by: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

Let me start with this - This is best used in conjunction with a Cannoneer to clear the target, either your own or pair up with a player that only has 1 or 2 Cannoneers and make everyone's day. You only need one of each to clear the entire target. IF you can't do this and are stuck with just one Ironclad and can not kill the Launcher turrets, keep in mind you can only do this to one side. Additionally, this allows someone else to come into the target without completely screwing them. If you can't clear behind you, you can only do this on one side as the Launchers block you from doing both sides with one Ironclad. (Of note: Disturbed mentioned to me that a Centurion or Punisher can also out-range and clear out the Launcher turrets. Thanks!)

So let's start with some context. TSM made a spectacular video for farming the 107's with a single Ironclad and Cannoneer. This is the nexus of this idea because... well, because I'm lazy, cheap and abysmally curious. You can watch this pure brilliance here:

Of note, you only need the Cannoneer to clear the Launcher turrets. 

So, curiosity got the better of me. What if... what if I came in with a single regular old Ironclad, got my bloodthirst in the corral and came out and looped around that first turret?

And then, what if I went forward and killed that second one while avoiding the Launcher? Then looped back and continued down so I'd avoid that nasty Launcher?

Then, what if I maybe hugged the edge to sneak by that Launcher and proceed to hit the next Ballistic turret?

But what if I continued on and hit that next Ballistic turret?

And then, what if I sat there and timed out so I could retreat and not leave any Ballistic turrets in the target to screw the next guy over?

I mean, what would that look like? I wonder what the damage would be?

And if I did do that, would it be worth it?

(Interesting when compared to a full B set, yea?)

These are the silly questions that float through my brain sometimes. I guess we'll just never know. But if you are curious to try yourself, remember there are a LOT of Ironclad build tokens in the raid for a reasonable price, as well as VXP tokens for Ironclads. And if you are the type to want to satisfy your curiosity and try this, I happen to have TSM's build right here...

I must stress this, this is a great idea if you can team up with someone with some Cannoneers so that you both can get some points. The Ironclads can take out the Ballistic turrets and the Cannoneers can take out the Launcher turrets. Win-win. I happened to find this video out on the internet. Looks familiar....

And PainTrain spanked the hell out of the target with some pretty low level items...

That all said, with as many Ironclad tokens in this raid, this might be a quick and dirty way to crank out some points for some people. Edit:Andrew (Admin on TFC) and I also just tested our old school Arb Punishers- they can outrange the launchers as well so you can kill the entire 107 for 2+ million points even!! One Ironclad built and ranked to grind. You have 3 days to grind. Good luck!!


  1. hey george , would this setup work ?!y4300I01212121212344E6A2U09000000002P2P2P2P2P2P2P2P2P2P07J0121212124D2U682F342M2M2M2M2M2M2M2M39390ZZ0ZZ0ZZdD

    gonna have to redeem some stuff to make this build but if i can do t6 it will be worth it

    as of now i am spending 14 hours a day to auto t3 sets and still wont get my target points by the end of the raid so i need to get more points .

    1. Depends on the rank of your zelos. im actually doing it with 1 zelos 60% rank but my armor is D5-C and im only just living through the entire 107 and it is taking me a little over 10 mins