Friday, May 18, 2018

Defense Calculator

The Stats That Kixeye Cherishes

By: Wayne Gilliver and 
George Argyropoulos

Let me make this perfectly clear: Kixeye doesn't generally like us ripping their stats apart to the basics at times. I think in this instance though, we will be forgiven!

A lot of angst has been floating around because trying to calculate exactly what s going on with turret damage is a bit... complicated. I wrote an article a while ago reviewing that here and that engendered some good discussion and a lot of questions, so...

Wayne Gilliver and I have been hard at work over the last couple of weeks creating a calculator to show just that. What's happening. Wayne busted his ass taking this to the next level and I hope everyone can benefit and enjoy!

Special thanks go out to Templar and Vengeful one for testing and catching a few things!!

This version of the spreadsheet is only version 1 so therefor may contain some issues like Salvos and Critical hits, but rest assured, we have made sure Executioner2 and Howie6 figures are correct insofar as we could putting this together. Please have some patience and help us get this into full gear for you.

The calculator calculates DAMAGE PER PROJECTILE which is what is important in the game for PvP as that is what you need to know to know if you can break a deflection value.

CURRENTLY: We put in a mix of values because Wayne and I have different retro levels on items. What we would like to eventually do is have ALL the values at an R15 level (both weapons and specials) so if you find that some of the numbers are off please let us know. If you are like Venom who has this down to the minutia, please let us know what part needs to be updated and if you have the values for the R15, please include them for us to update the calculator.

Because of how we had to set it up and the amount of diversity in the turrets, critical hits will show for anything you put in. TURRETS DO NOT INHERENTLY CRITICAL HIT!!! You have to have a special that does it or it has to be part of the weapon, such as the Vulture Missile. I would hope everyone using this can make the distinction and keep this in mind.

Additionally : Do to a few things behind the scenes, in order for the calculator to work and not run super slow, you can put options in that you can NOT in game. Again, I presume everyone will be mindful enough to check in game if the build you are calculating is a legal build.

Please message Wayne or myself with your thoughts on this calculator and errors that you think maybe in there. Or post a comment on the TFC page where this will be posted as well. We are still working out a few bugs and errors should be apparent.

Waynes file can be found at

You can view his complete website with MOAR calculators, a turret builder/planner and more by clicking this image: