Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Zelos Stepping Stone

Another Look at the 88 for Noobs

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

In the last article, Doing the 88 NOOB Style, I ran an 88 with Tier 2 tech or below to illustrate that newer or returning players had an easy avenue in which they could successfully engage the FM and help them advance a bit more quickly. It resulted in an 88 being done with no Phalanxes in the fleet, with only 2 hulls, for about an hour of damage. At the time, I did not have a Zelos built to do a secondary run with that and take advantage of the Duality Countermeasure of the Zelos. Shipyard time is pretty tight and, well, I like to play the game too, but I received a LOT of requests to poke at it when I could so....

I got around to it. The Zelos performs as well as I expected. I purposefully built the Zelos poorly using a quick build so that players that choose this avenue can get up to speed quickly and get the Judgement mortars in T3. This will allow them to only have to build one Citadel with the Pandemonium mortar. The 88 gives you in the neighborhood of 9 million points, so, Kixeye has addressed the need for players to get ahead in the FM with the change to the 88's several weeks ago.

The Citadel is the same as in the last article.

The build for each hull is about 10 days each with no engineer and zero R&D completed. The link to the fleet is here.

Just some quick tips that you'll see in the video:

Engage and destroy missiles early since the fleet has zero phalanxes. As you gain tech and improve your tank, you can adjust your approach accordingly.

Until you get some CM specials on your tank, and improve its efficiency, try and keep it between the enemy and your DPS hulls.

And a nice little trick to mitigate damage is to avoid letting the Arc missiles fire at you at all. If you approach from the 'far' side of the island, you can avoid them altogether.

Hope this helps boost some players into higher levels of the FM. The 'fleet' takes 20 days or less. and here is the video (which is kind of a walk-through as well):


  1. There's another way to take out the two missile turrets on the west side of the 88. Here's what I do on the account I started 2 months ago (that got to T4 a couple of days ago). I put an instant repair ship in the fleet, send the other ships to the northern edge, and the insta ship southwest a bit. Then I use a rocket on the shipyard that triggers the western Legion fleet. The insta ship draws it farther north than it would normally go, and it destroys the two missile turrets for me. That allows me to use a Punisher tank with no anti-missiles to take out the northwest turret cluster and the southern turret cluster without catching any missile fire.