Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Curious George and the Case of the Curious Shroud...

A Case of Pirate Abuse : Reina's Rage

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

I wish I could admit otherwise, but I'm not a big coiner. Honestly, there are times I'm not a little coiner either, so getting around to testing some of this stuff for you guys, sometimes is a little slow. Particularly when I'm trying to cram in refits and catch up on the game, write up something and do some other mechanics testing or builds for other things. I really should have gotten to this one a bit sooner, and I really should have looked into some of the complaints I was messaged earlier.

In this instance I do feel I need to apologize because putting it off was a mistake as testing revealed some rather interesting things, and those tests actually helped reveal a very neat, but not (at the time) documented mechanic in the RR/R fleets.

Well, it was documented, but wasn't originally listed in the print (it is now). It is a given that anytime errors or issues are found, it takes a company a some time to find the resources, investigate and correct these types of things.. I should have gotten to this sooner. Sorry guys. That said - I have to give a huge shout out to Kix right here because even with the crazy internal pace that they had going on, Bounty, to Raid, to new tech, etc. - When I had my data, they took the time to listen and dig and respond to get the information out to the community. It was a bit odd in testing and the way some of the 'way points' fall, I can see why there was a ton of confusion with regard to whether the RR (Reina's Rage) was cloaking 3 (or reportedly 4 times).

The answer is, yes, it can cloak 3 times, but ONLY under specific circumstances. I'm going to have to crank some math, or really, have Brian from the TFC crank out some math to see if 4 is realistically possible. Maybe for the TFC show on Saturday.

So after some testing, and I'll be honest, harassing some of the Devs, I think I have a handle on how this mechanic works. The mechanic is known as "Health Trigger Reduction" and it works like this...

Firstly, it is multiplicative in nature, not additive, so in a fleet of 5, the reduction would be a max of 40.95%. That means on a Reina, with 4 Rages in the fleet, it would look like this:


The base value for a triggering event for the Reina's Rage is 100,000 in damage. If you adjust this by 40.95%, the new triggering point is now 59,050 which would allow a RR with a 187,500 base armor to shroud 3 times. To get 4 it would take 236,200+ armor points and some very skillful use of the shroud mechanic.

This means that if you lose a Rage or have less than a full fleet, the triggering points change based on the amount of RR/Rages you have in the fleet!!

The stat has been added live into the game already (I think on Friday or Monday) and looks like this:

And that's that. A quick overview of the mechanic, the quick response from Kix and now, hopefully, full understanding by the community!


  1. Am I understanding correctly that the trigger is based on the number of RR/R in the fleet, not the armor on each rage? (i.e. 2 fully built rage + 3 blank hulls would result in the same trigger as 5 fully built?)

    1. The trigger is based on both the number of rages in the fleet and the base value of the trigger. That will give you the trigger value. Then, you have to have the armor to get to however many triggers you want/need.

  2. That's about as clears as mud a a few days late.. still tired of kix's half assed handling of the game and it's issues.. lag anyone? Base parts are critical right now, and the scourge targets for them are the laggiest in game history.