Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Phoenix Preview

A Sneak Peek into July

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

There seems to be some serious consternation within the community with regard to the Phoenix Test Server earlier this week. I am a little unsure as to what is causing this, so I decided to cover it in a blog to, hopefully, allay some concerns.

To begin with, I am glad that Kixeye decided to share the target, as well as info, over a month prior to the release of the target. Players have been clamoring for transparency and early info, and yet, there seems to be a little backlash directed at Kixeye because of this. This is what we have asked for so I am a uncertain of the nexus of this backlash. I believe releasing this info is fantastic because it gives us a chance to give feedback and pass along concerns with regard to the target and mechanics that we have seen.

Keep in mind that this Test Server was to test the top tier target with the top tier hull. I know quite a few people were complaining that they did not see anyone try Apollos in here. That is not true. TSM from the TFC page (YouTube gaming link) and Price_is_Wrong from the BV page (Twitch page link) both attempted this in their respective streams. It did not go well... not at all. That is why you are not seeing videos of Apollos in these targets. I'll add, I did try my SB Apollos, and the SB's did not even fire. I'm not 100% sure what was going on, but hopefully we will have another preview in which to sort that out.

Let's start with the target itself. This is the T7, a/k/a 'S' level target. This the target in which you are expected to run top tier tech in. As such, it is not going to be easy and it seems Kixeye is continuing to lean away from the no-damage concept in these targets.

The Damage :

I chanced to have a moment to ask Robot a few questions about the target, and what I missed, Laredo was kind enough to fill in the blanks. The primary damages in these targets are going to be Corrosive and Penetrative.

At first blush we have 3 different types of turrets:

  • There is a short range rocket turret that does immense amounts of corrosive damage. You can kite this one.
  • There is a mid range rocket turret that lays down fire fields. If you are fast enough, you can outrun these.
  • There are long range missile turrets that do penetrative damage. Mitigation is the same as the current raid.

Then we have the fleets:

  • The Drones are the top damage dealer in the target. At range they do penetrative damage, and up close huge amounts of corrosive. Some random ones will stun the surrounding areas and ships.
  • The Healer ships drive with the drones so they can keep them within their healing aura and seemed to have mid range missiles equipped to them.
  • The hulks are... different. It is a rather interesting mechanic in that they will 'overload' when hit and speed up. These targets have UAVs that do explosive corrosive damage (correction per the Dev team) but are mid range so if you kite the targets properly, you will not get hit.

Last, but not least is the clouds. Those yellow clouds do DOT (damage over time) damage of corrosive. You do not want to drive through those unless you absolutely have to.

Engagement : 

Engaging this target was, for the most part, fun. I think a lot of that had to do with solving the puzzle, however, after a few of them, the amount of driving and time requirement needed to do the target 'properly' feels as though it would wear one out after a day or so. I'm not sure how that can be addressed, but for now, there seems to be a good balance in this target with regard to damage. Without knowing the payout and needed points for the July raid, I can not speak to the target's 'worth' as yet. Here is a run through I did of the target:

To put this in perspective, I was only running 4 hulls and I was not using any charged or stun armor on the fleet. The repair time was set to Raid 1/2 time repair and the target only did 1 and a 1/2 hours of damage. With a flag or fifth hull and some charged armor I am sure I could have gotten the damage down to an hour or less.

The Build :

I am very hesitant to post this because some people just scan through and grab the build and call it a day. This is NOT a final build, but what I used in the above video. I will NOT know my final build until we engage the actual final version of this target. PLEASE keep that in mind.

As I stated before, I think this build would benefit from some charged armors. Of particular note is that this build performed admirably without their use, reflecting perhaps Kixeye's attempt to balance the target for those without charged armor. I hope this clears up some concerns and sheds a little light onto the direction of the next Raid Set.

Update: This is the build I'm running until I can finish fitting charged armor on them all.


  1. does using Mag Drive II makes any difference compared to the usual speed system? Its another 1.5 days of build time

  2. According to my shipyard which is empty right now...The Magnus 2 gives combat spd of 44 V.S. 39 with spd sys 5. However there's a big diff in turn spd between the two. Mag 2 is 50 and spd 5 is 144. I'm just wondering if turn spd will be a factor because of the huge for thought.

  3. The issue is that unless there is very heavy use of coin or you have been a very consistent player not effected by real life concerns, you don't get to ever catch up to where you are able to play without begging for everything. Rolling out a new set of targets requiring a new set of ships and weapons is causing some to be perpetually dependent, frustrated and eventually gone. If you model was designed to only allow those who can play regularly and for long periods or with lots of money to buy coins, you have it almost perfect. the rest of us might as well delete our accounts. published as Anonymous because of all the whales who will throw insults.

  4. Kix has managed to turn a fun game into nothing but build crap for the next raid or else. No fun anymore no time to hit bases for fun have to use all the coin for building crap to get the next crap. Monotonous now, time to look for a new game

  5. I am also wondering about the difference between Magnus 2 and Hydraulic Resistor. Also wondering if a Phallanx 4 or a couple of switchblades (with frontline countermeasures) be worth the reduction in DPS?

  6. In the article its mentioned long range turrets with missiles. can anyone explain how to kite them.