Friday, June 16, 2017

Breaking Down the Coup Version Lvl 100 Target

This Is Not Last Month's 100

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

The third iteration of this Raid is upon us, and as most people have noted, the lvl 100 target is... a bit more difficult.

Let me start by addressing the outlier questions I've received. There is a 'Magic Mortar' that shows up on occasion. Some turrets seem to fire a salvo off after they are dead. This is particularly hurtful when it's a Coldsnap that does this. And the last one is that on occasion it seems as though an Executioner hits and does damage but there is no reduction of charge when running charged M armor. These three issues are the main ones I have heard. They have been passed on to Kixeye and someone is looking into it. Unfortunately, I have tried to catch these on video and I have not been able to as yet. Thankfully, the TFC community is on it and we've gotten several videos we have been able to pass on. Thank you!

Another issue that has been a huge topic is that the Executioners seem to be doing significantly more damage this month than we had seen last month. Unfortunately this makes the Gridiron an even worse tank when compared to the Phalanx 3 Zelos build. This saddens me greatly. To be fair - Kixeye did express that each raid would get progressively harder. I'm O.K. with that, but my disappointment in the Gridiron is even more profound now than ever. I am, however, ecstatic that I built my 'odd' Zelos.

So, now that all of that is out of the way, let's look at the newer version of the 100. First the video, then the step-by-step. The yellow lines are the rough pathing, NOT where you want to stop. Yes, I drive lazy as hell and stack. Yes I am aware I can get lower repair if I didn't, yet... I'm lazy. I have to do a lot of these targets so I drive stacked. Did I mention I was lazy?

I only sped that video up 200% so if you want, you can slow it down to the 'actual' run speed in-game. The Zelos build is the Phal3 build I discussed in this article. The Monoliths are built as discussed in this article.

The walk-through will mainly be stills from the above video and notes scattered between the stills.

I use the torpedo tower and the mine as my markers to enable me to repeat my pattern with little deviation.

Once here, you can sneak in towards the corner turret to kill off the cluster.

I then sneak around the corner to engage the inner cluster.

Go far enough in so that you can turn and engage at the right angle.

You see my target selected already. That's the goal.

Here you can either go straight or you may have to dip down a little to kill the fleet. The path you will have to choose depends on timing and which fleet the Arc shoots at.

Once the fleet is killed, either by you or the Arc, you want to swing around the mines and get a good angle on the turret highlighted.

It is critical that you stack properly here. Once stacked outside the gate and AT SPEED, run the gauntlet. If you have to circle around outside the gate to get to speed - do it.

You want to keep sailing past this cluster to get the proper angle to hit the turret in the corner closest to the wall. After this you have to cross the target and get to the right hand 'wall' of the target.

Another critical juncture, you must hug the wall all the way down. If you can't get all the way over, you have a chance of setting off a mine.

Here is the only time I truly split my fleet. I let the Monos continue going along the wall while I swing the Zelos out to clip the turret. Really, I do this out of a little bit of laziness. I don't have to wait for the Monos to speed up if they keep moving.

I do clean out this area as it makes it easier for me to deal with the fleets and sets them up nicely for me to avoid the shrouded Apollo if it gets activated (as it did in this video).

Next up is probably one of the trickier clusters. I go straight down to hug the bottom wall to get the proper approach angle and target the mortar turret. For some reason, this is the one that I will lag on and see a lot of Magic Mortars come from. The Coldsnap on this cluster will fire if your angle of attack is improper or you overshoot the mortar turret. I hate this cluster. 

Next is to cross over and clear out the last turret cluster and then the bulbous building to the left.

All that's left is to clean up the fleets. Paranoia typically makes me kite them still, but do whatever works best for you. Just remain cognizant of the shrouded Apollo.

And this is the damage. I was running a Sea Serpents crew. If you have Demo Squad crews, use them, they work.

Hope this walk through helps some of you shave down the damage you are seeing!!


  1. Thanks George you obviously did lots of work for the players here. Thanks again

  2. Awesome work George!!! I read your blog every time you post Brother great insight on the game! Side note i figured out the reason the Phal 3 works better not going to spoil it let others figure it out!

    1. Funny thing... I added the explanation to the article this morning. Last raid so I figured, why not...

    2. so you take info from the page but give nothing back lol

  3. Great article.. what can be used in place of the d30r? I never got it.

  4. No build provided ?

    1. Just under the vid there are links to the articles that the builds are from.