Saturday, February 25, 2017

TFC Website Black Magic

Website Resources for Pirates

By: Robyn Piatt    
a/k/a Robyn_P

The example post below is a one we see show up often on the TFC Facebook page. Many players post looking for a build which is usually followed up with a response pointing the member to the specific build page on The Forsaken Council Website. 

Side Note - Although the people who post and answer questions on the TFC pages are incredibly knowledgeable, (Some are even legends in their own minds (Editor's note - Like Stu!)), they cannot see what components you own. If you have looked at the ship build page and are missing components from a build, please post a build with what you DO have and let us help you to compromise. It also helps to know what your intentions for the fleet are.

Most of you are familiar with the Ship Build page, but have you taken a moment to see what else is out there on the site?? 

The Forsaken Council Website is a YUGE repository of all things BP.  It does not matter if you are an "Old Hand" or a "Noob" (like George). There is something for everyone......and probably a lot more than you are aware of.

You Tube Video Links

You KNOW Renato (aka "The Driving God") posted a really cool video on the latest TLC. You try searching his name and it brings up 1000 posts (I hope he is being paid by the word) and you cannot find the bloody video you are looking for. Check out the You Tube channel links on the home page...all the video goodies are here.

There are links to the channels of the following TFC peeps:

TFC - Past TFC and Open Mike shows are located here - Starring Liam aka Mr Goo
TSM - aka Mark (Mr. TFC)
DeadSinner - aka Renato (The Driving God)
Dragon_Bane - aka George (The Noob)
Stumanlivo  - aka Stewart (Stu#2)

Raid Info

Want to know what fleet to use and where? Want to see videos from other Driving Gods on how to crush raid targets into submission, or just need some help with your raid fleet build? The Raid help page is place to look. Andrew (Editor's Note - THE man behind the scenes)  corrals all the information you will ever need before, during and after the raid. Andrew updates this page throughout each raid. Builds and videos are sorted by build type and target levels. Bookmark this's raid crack. 


Andrew has done the same black magic with current and past Time Limited Campaigns (TLC) on the page. If you are in need of help or insight to a TLC start here to gain some knowledge of the targets.


Johnny Frostler put together an awesome Timer Page that shows all current timers. This includes Drac Mine spawns, TLC timers, Raid timers and some nifty calculators that let you find Drac Bases and DUBs etc. It also lets you figure out which sector the last asshole that hit you and ran is now hiding his base.


Looking for one of George's past blogs?? Check out the Blog Menu. Links to the Forsaken CoveBP Professor,  Specs World and The TFC Home Blog with all the Weekly Release Notes.

Returning Player??

If you are a newly returned player (welcome back!) or, someone who is frustrated with how your game is progressing. Check out the Are you behind? page. Caleb Parker has put together some great information on how to get caught up and how to progress without banging your head against a brick wall....or worse yet, kicking the cat. 

But WAIT- there's more....

If you are new to the game or are just looking for additional information to improve your game play then check out the Tutorial Pages These pages again, offer a wealth of information. The Tutorial Pages include "How I build this fleet" videos, help for the weekly Forsaken Mission and help understanding how the Foundry works. There are also guides on how to use Huggies Shipbulder(Editor's Note - Dave rocks. That is all, carry on...)

Take a few minutes and check out the site.  Its well worth the time. 

I will end this with a muchas grassyass to Andrew Hart for his tireless website black magic and to all the players that share their videos, builds and time so that I, and others, can benefit from your in game knowledge. 


(Editor's Note- - Robyn rocks and can write her some damn fine articles!! Much love!!)