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Resonance Capacitor, Resonance Battery - What happens after you touch them in their special place?

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By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane

Time to revisit this subject again it seems. Let's see if we can't clarify it a bit more than the quick overview I provided in this previous article.

I want, at this point, to give a warm Thank You to GD Raikan for taking time out of his day to answer some follow up questions and verify others. I know some few players get on the hate bandwagon with him because he's Kix, but he really is a nice guy and actually enjoys the game and community.

A few people expressed some confusion, and honestly, some outright hostility to the specifics in these specials, particularly to the math involved and the less than clear way in which they stack and with what fields. To that end, this particular article is going to be a little wonky in that I am going to try and answer questions that have arisen in conversation so the flow may not be as precise as I'd like. I apologize in advance.

Additional Basics:

There are in fact hulls that self-activate. If the field that the hull generates affects the hull itself, it can self activate. The Vendetta is the example that I have been, and will be, using.

Multiple fields:

It seems there are some players who hold the mistaken belief that you need differing fields in order for the stack to happen. This is untrue. If you have three Vendettas stacked for attack, you will have two Res stacks on each hull, not zero or even just one. Two. Clear?

You do not need to have differing fields, just different fields. Two Vendettas will only have one stack, not two. You need one to activate and any following fields stack. Just think of it as one to activate and any additional fields do the stacks.

The stack is completely separate from the activation. The math I will post is for the stacks, the activation math is straightforward.

So, Res Batt/Cap:
Ven1 itself activates the Res BattCap.
Ven 2 adds stack 1.
Ven 3 adds stack 2.

Two Vendettas will NOT have zero stacks. Identical TYPE fields DO stack. I don't know how to make that any more clear.

The Math

Yes, the math. I understand that many players are turned off by "Kixeye math", but in order to take advantage of some of the mechanics, you do need to review the math.

The stacks are multiplicative in nature, not additive.

This is a little convoluted because I can't figure out a way to simplify  the explanation of the math.

First we have the basic calculation of an Adjusted Value.

AJ = X + (X * (%))

This is a basic calculation we use all the time in the game. It is here just for reference for the real gobbledygook.

The formula for the stacking effect is as follows:

Stacked Stat = Base Stat + (Base Stat * (No. of activating fields * Stacking percentage))

So If say we had three Vendettas equipped with a Res Cap and a base speed of 35:

Res Cap Base Stat speed boost is 20%.
You have two stacking fields.
Stack bonus is 8%

Stacked Stat = 20 + (20 * (2*.08))
Stacked stat = 23.2%

So the stacked stat that you use to calculate your new speed is 23.2%
Using the Adjusted Value formula mentioned above
Adjusted Value: 35 + (35 * (.232)) = 43.12

Your new speed is 43.12 using a Res Cap.

To do the same with the Res Batt:

Stacked Stat = 20 + (20 * (2*.5))
Stacked stat =40%
New Speed = 49

Hopefully that clears up the math part of this. This is not as cut and dried or straightforward as many of us had initially thought. I'll be honest- I should have looked into this sooner. Sorry folks.

Additional Notes:

The defense effects of the Res Batt do nothing to hulls with a Defense Handicap 100%.
"Bonus All Damage" does mean "all damage" independent of what damage type.
The "Radioactive Damage" line is a display error and has no separate functionality or active code behind it.


  1. Why if you have three vendettas stacked do you get two stacks? This seems unclear. Are you taking about resonance or the vendetta aura?

    1. #1 Triggers the res cap/batt
      #2 Stack 1
      #3 Stack 2

      You can't have any stacks unless you first have an active res cap/batt.

  2. I am confused about the Pride hull in this regard, I see that in the hull it clearly states that it has the ability (similar to vendettas) of resonance trigger, since it states as YES, but when i look at this hull in Huggys, I am not able to see the capacitor benefits (like for example turret defense), something that I do see on vendettas, is this Huggys bug or????

    1. The trigger for the Pride only occurs when the Prideful ability is active.

  3. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this topic and am very excited.Thank you.