Thursday, February 9, 2017

Resonance Capacitor, Resonance Battery and those things that touch them in their special place...

What is this dark magic of which you speak??

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane

Since people have been asking and the original can't be reached, I'll republish this and a few more articles.

Most of the time it is a build question or a breakdown question but over the last few weeks I have fielded a few other ones that stand out.

What I have noted between this personal correspondence and some posted questions between the Forums, The Forsaken Council and the Battle Pirates on BV pages recently is that there is still a LOT of people who have questions about the Resonance Capacitor, the Resonance Battery and how exactly they work. So... to that end, we'll talk Res Cap, Res Batt. and triggering fields.

The Basic Misunderstanding

Let's start with the Specials themselves and attempt to explain away a big portion of the confusion. These specials DO NOT affect other hulls. It is a special like any other in that it affects the hull to which it is equipped. You do not gain the bonuses unless the special (The Batt or Cap) is triggered. Having one on your Vendetta does not give any benefit to your Revenge that does not have one of the Res specials equipped.

The special itself has to be triggered by being in an activating field or aura. These fields or auras are not generic in nature- In other words, the field or aura has to actually affect the hull to which the special is equipped.
***To be triggered, the field has to be affecting the hull the special is actually on.***

Ok, Where do they go?

There is no limit to what hull you can equip these specials on. The effects of the special will work, ON ANY HULL, so long as the Cap/Batt is triggered (though if a hull has 100% Defense Handicap you will NOT gain defensive gains). The special is NOT hull specific.

Likewise, the bonus drops once the hull leaves field/aura. Yes- this means it does NOTHING if it is not being triggered. It's just a shiny bit of pixel jewelry for your boat if it is not being triggered.

Ummm... ok, how do you 'excite' them then?

Only certain fields/auras will trigger it. The fields/auras need to be affecting the hull that the res cap/batt are equipped to. I can not stress this enough it seems. Particularly because you have to keep in mind the various ways in which the specials can be used.

Can this help enemy ships coming in to hit your base? YES.

Can it help your ships going to hit a base? YES.

This isn't a one way street. It is not new. But you have to remember to balance what you gain (or don't) with what you've lost. That's part of the build process. It's not something they gain and you can't take advantage of. The Batt was used in base defenses by some people for a while. Please try to understand the working first before anyone starts flipping out about this old/new special.

Interesting tidbit for the next raidset...

Additionally, to preemptively answer this question: YES (as of RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!) they are both activated by the Subsonic Cavitators of the Reavers in the new raid coming in September.

Followed along? Here is the next article on this subject to explain more!

Here are the fields/auras:(List compilation help credit goes to Johnny Frostler)

Resonance triggers

ECM Destroyer
Navigational Array Tactical
Wake Tactical

Apocolypse Mort Fire Field
Napalm Fire Field (still testing this one)
Proto Nem
Vassago Hunter
Glacial Turret Cryo Field
Wendigo Turret Cryo Field
Cryo Battery Cryo Field
Incendiary Shells Fire Field
Subsonic Caviator Tactical
Engine Disruptor Tactical
Microwave Dampener Tactical
Siege Scanner Tactical
Armor Bypass Tactical
Cryo Trigger Cryo Field (22 range. If equipped on a destroyed water structure)

NO Resonance trigger:
EMP Blast
Combustion Trigger
Cryo Trigger Field (80 range)
Oil Slick
Fire Support
Combined Defense
Hidden Cache
Radiation Suppressor
Fuel Air Munitions
Chromium Overlay

Please note: Kixeye reserves the right to change anything at anytime and 
make me look like a complete idiot and make these lists utter bollocks... 

In which case.... everything is working as intended. 


  1. i realised this document is old so i needed to ask for confirmation, does splash dispersion system on a warehouse in my base, trigger it for my def hulls in range?


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