Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When is a Turret not a Turret...

...and when  exactly IS it a Turret?

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

With the introduction of the new Wave Motion Gun, a/k/a Kinetic Motion Cannon, an old question arose once again. If the Omega Turret is a Turret, or isn't it?

The question arises from real in-game observations that seemingly contradict what we are told with regard to the mechanics. What we are told is that the Omega Turret is not a Turret and that neither bonuses nor turret defenses apply:

Not the first time we have seen this answer, however, the release notes for OP10 specifically stated that this was a turret:

So which is it? Is it a turret or not? No one knows for 100% certainty because this very basic information has not been officially released other than to state that it is a turret. That's all we officially know at the moment- it IS a turret, but... an Omega turret, not a 'defensive' turret, yea? Where does it say this is an important distinction? Where in the prints does it say it is immune to turret defense specials? No one knows.

Furthering the confusion about the issue is in game observations and players not following through on all the complexities of battle, because... well, because it's a bloody game, not math class. The over-riding argument I hear is that if turret defense did not affect the Omega Turret, the Writ would never get through.

This is false, and here is why:

Omega Gatling Concussive Damage : 800,000 / 15 salvos = 53,333.33 damage per salvo
King's Writ Splash Damage Reduction : 60% (53,333 * .4 = 21,333)
King's Writ Concussive Deflection : 18,000 (21,333 - 18,000 = 3,333 damage)
BUS Boosted Concussive Deflection : 11,004 (3,333 - 11,004 = minimum pass-through damage)

This matches what we observe in-game

Clear as mud? You bet! I partly blame this on the apparent lack of transparency with regard to the mechanics of the game. These are things that we should not be puzzling over, but rather, be told explicitly their function upon release. That would work out far better for everyone. We would know how the function is intended and if there is an issue we would find it far sooner and with more understanding having known the intended function of the item/mechanic rather than puzzle this out and have wildly conflicting information flying about.

The above math also illustrates that the Omega Turret is not affected by any turret boosting building or special as well. I'd show it all worked out, but I'm all math-ed out at the moment.

I am NOT thrilled about a turret being 'immune' to a turret defense specials. We have complained in the past about consistency and it seems that we are constantly having to learn and remember more and more 'exceptions'. It doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings, it annoys me.

That all said, I have not played with the Boulderfist numbers as yet and I'm hearing conflicting reports already. Given the way so many things interact in this game, I really need to do some testing before drawing any conclusions about the Boulderfist or the Wave Motion Gun... er... I mean Kinetic Motion Cannon. For another time. For now, the jury is out because, well, we just don't know.

LIVE EDIT: Spack took the time and coin to test out a Boulder with specificity to the KMG with and without a turret defense special. Testing proved that in this instance, turret defense DID WORK against an Omega Turret placement. Curioser and curioser... stay tuned for more!


  1. Kixeye at its finest showing total disregard for the community that supports them and allows them to even exist

    1. Erm... I'm not sure how this is indicative of total disregard. Perhaps of being out of touch with the players, but not indifference... I hope.

  2. exact thoughts, most of all, my biggest problem is this isn't a game anymore, it is a never ending math class where the rules do nothing but change

  3. Specs being specs,a total and utter voice in the wind with nothing behind it. How can a wallet speak about about rules and game knowledge when he's been proven wrong so many times in the past?

  4. fire support gives a reload bonus of 15%
    base reload of the ballistic cannon is 15 seconds

    my base got hit with a firesupport near the cannon and it fired in ~ 10 seconds - used the timer on screen

    my experience is it behaves like a turret

  5. So is a potato a potato or a pa-tot-to? I am trying to figure out kix math, and I think this may be a key to it.