Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fangtooth Revisited (Raid Videos Added)

Another Look...

By: George Argyropoulos
a/k/a Dragon_Bane   

Now that we have seen some target possibilities, as well as given access to a handful of 'escalation' tech, it's time we took another look at the Fangtooth build. Much of this is the same as from the build in this article, but the tweaks are noteworthy. This is the current build until I can get all the charged armor on. (videos from raid at the bottom of the article)

Weapons :

The change in the specials allows for a full complement of the new torpedo now, maximizing damage on the hull.

Armor :

I had hoped the targets were tuned to make these a 'luxury' item again. They do not seem to be. While, with very good driving, you may be able to get away with no armor or one plate of each, I think given what we've seen, this is going to be a necessary evil.

Specials :

You may note that the special load out has changed. With the addition of Mag3 to the game, as well as the Flag for the Fang, the build significantly changed with regard to specials, opening up a slot for me.

Magnus Drive III :

The main change from the original is the use of Magnus Drive 3. It gives me the speed I want and the cloak I want all in one special. While the turn speed is ok-ish at rank, the addition of the flagship makes it a given now.

Ablative Armor III :

The current favorite armor special is still Ablative Panels III. Unless we see something else worthwhile released, I don't see this changing. We don't have any concussive resistance armor special available to us as yet, which leaves us to manipulate that resistance in other ways if need be.

Sealed Fire Charge :

Sealed Fire Charge makes a reappearance in this build. The added projectile speed is a very nice buff, particularly given the use of HVR and the Flag buff. Additionally the critical hit and resultant damage this special affords to torpedoes is perfect for this build.

Sonic Targeting III :

I used Sonic Targeting III so that I could see my enemy as soon as possible. I was iffy on this special until I face-planted against a submerged Goblin Shark in one of the TLCs as the video still above shows. That made up my mind. I want that extra detection so I have more time to react.

Live edit: As was pointed out in the comments: No you do not have to equip all of the hulls with this. I will likely have 2 hulls equipped with this special and the rest I'll likely add a concussive upgrade. I hesitate to only put this on one hull on the off chance that it gets killed in a target and I lose the extra sight range. Good catch!

Advanced Torpedo Tubes : 

There was a display issue in the game and it seems to have been corrected. Now it is clear that ATT is the choice here over Advanced Concussive Payload.

High Velocity Rounds :

So this one I was torn on. I could either go with a concussive upgrade, some evade or a thruster... or this. I chose this after looking at the targets a little more. The way they damage you as well as the salvo load they seem to have makes me think that if I screw up and they start firing on me, the quicker I kill them the more I can mitigate any damage I may take. They seem to have high salvo weapons so this is one of those instances wherein the quicker you kill them may be the best damage mitigation option.

And that's the quick and dirty revisit of the Fangtooth. In about a week, we'll see how they do. Good luck Captains!!

RAID VIDS!!!! These are built just like the article, but as the link above shows, only one charged armor of each.


  1. i am glad great minds are thinking along the same lines lol

  2. This is the exact build I was thinking about George. The only question I have is do you need Sonic targeting on all the ships? Do they multiply the distance in which you can see the enemy? MY guess is no and think that maybe putting it on just one ship will do.

    1. You could equip one or two with sonic targeting and the rest with a concussive upgrade. I hate having just one equipped on the off chance that the hull gets killed. I'm likely going to have at least 2 hulls equipped with sonic targeting.

    2. Edited the article to reflect this excellent point! Thanks!

    3. Oh thank you. Another excellent article.

  3. Don't have sonic targeting...and not enough charged X for 2 per sub, AND won't have flag before Oct. I guess one less torp, and maybe sonar 3 on 2 of them? And of course thrusters, since no flag, so no HVR either, lol...will be limping thru A sets (I hope!) for this first raid of the series it looks like.

  4. i prefer thrusters and a speedupgrade myself, together with the flag fang it is ez kiting

  5. Thoughts on using CM4?

    1. It's another good option and will increase DPS. I went with the HVR just for the sake of killing targets quicker, particularly if I drive like ass and get into trouble. ;)

    2. Thanks for the response

  6. The issue I have with sonic targeting is that, even with hull bonus, it only increases sonar range to 72. With only the mag3 cloak can you get to within 72 range of a target without being detected?

  7. Awesome write up George, and thanks for explaining why. I thought I want them to turn but with the Flag and a crew...I think it will compensate for it.