Friday, May 5, 2017

Roo's guide to finding stuff on the TFC page!!

By: Robyn Piatt
a/k/a Roo

How to Ninja save and search the The Forsaken Council Facebook Page 

Let's face it....FaceBook is not a forum and although the TFC page is an outstanding repository of information, sometimes you need to find a post or link to a post that had some good information you want to refer to later on.  

Here are some tips for saving stuff for later or using the ninja search with key words to find that post you are looking for.

Lets say George posts a great article on the Monolith build he used in the preview. You know you want to access it to read later on but you are supposed to be at work and not surfing the web (in fact what are you doing reading this - get back to work!!) Rather than look for it later on when you have to spend a bunch of time scrolling down the page looking for the post, here is how you can save an individual FB post. 

Every post has a time stamp under it. 

If you click the time stamp it will open the post in another browser window. 

You can then do many things with this link.  You can save it in your browser favorites to access it later. You can copy the hyperlink to paste in another post or to send in messenger to someone else.  Note - if the post is removed you will no longer be able to access the information.  If the person you are sending the post to is not on the TFC page they will not be able to access it. (But tell them to send a request to join the page so they can benefit from all the information the players share)

FaceBook also has a search function (it is not the greatest but it does help)  You will find the search box either on the top right of the page or on the left hand side of the page.  

Now if you are searching for a specific post it can sometimes bring up a million hits. Lets say you know Renato made a post with a video about understanding deflection that you want to refer back to or share it as a result of a question. You can just type in the word Renato in the search box and spend 4 hours scrolling because  you are going to get a bazzillion hits (Renato shares a lot of great information).  It will bring up any post that has his name on it or he has commented on.  But if you use the word "and" in your search and some other key words you can narrow down the search for less scrolling.

So if you enter the following words in the search bar Renato and Video and Deflection

This is the result you get.

You may need to either widen or narrow your search (try different key words) to catch the post you are looking for but it will really help zero in using key words.  

The same applies to searching for hull builds. If you type in Monolith in the search box  you will get a bunch of posts about the Monolith but they may not all be build posts. You can still review these posts as some people do include builds as a part of the discussion but you can still further narrow it down if you are looking for build only posts. 

Using the words Build and Monolith in the search box you get the following results. This will show posts that have both Monolith and Build in the original post. 

Hopefully this will make your life a little easier when trying to search for stuff on the page. It is not foolproof and is subject to FB changes behind the scenes but it should help.



  1. That's good info thanks. This can save many lots of time.

  2. Thanks Roo.. This the first time i have heard of this page .. :)